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The Love & Light Ebook & Online Workshop


This is the perfect way to bring the little book to life through a series of video activities that you can work through at your own pace.

You'll receive a PDF version of The Little Book of Love and Light, complete with links to video activities, bringing another dimension to this beautiful book about mindfulness and positivity.

The digital pages of the little book are turned into practical exercises and throught-provoking activities, read and work through them and revisit the activties as often as you wish.

This digital version of the book is still just as colourful and is beautifully formatted, so you can print our a hard copy. It's guaranteed to put a spring in your step and bring more love and light into your everyday life.

Some of the content we cover in the video activites:
1. You glorious you
2. How to handle change
3. How to be patient whilst waiting for miracles
4. Love, love, love
5. Real love & filling the void
6. Your inner wisdom - interactive messages
7. Being authentic
8. An exercise in miindfulness and intution
9. Keeping the light on through gratitude
10. An exercise in self-compassion


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