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I’m delighted to launch the E-Book version of The Little Book of Angels & Chakras. Now you can enjoy the digital version of this beautiful book and read it on the go wherever you are!

Each and every one of my titles is a book that you will want to pick up and read, again and again. The first book in this series is:
'The Little Book of Angels & Chakras'
This is a very special book because it contains so many pearls of wisdom, so much research and information and lots of thought-provoking activities and ideas you can put into practice in your everyday life immediately. The book also contains links to 11 guided meditations worth over £33. You can listen to the meditation instantly by capturing the QR code with your camera phone or typing the URL into a search engine, or you can download and save your own copy of each meditation, so that they become yours.
The book contains 222 pages of complete loveliness to help you:
- receive daily guidance from your Guardian Angel to help you overcome life's challenges
- tap into your highest self so you can follow your divine purpose
- discover how to work with the Archangels to empower you in every area of your life
- access 11 beautiful meditations to calm you and bring you inner peace and balance.

When you order this E-Book you’ll receive an email containing a link so that you can download and save a copy of the PDF digital version of the book. It still contains all the same colourful images, gentle messages and beautiful meditations. It’s yours to download and keep forever. Please ensure that you enter your email address very carefully at the checkout screen so that we can send you the link. Please allow 24 hours to receive your E-Book.and check all your junk mail/spam folders as emails can often land in there. if you have any problems please contact us through the online shop or by emailing Natalia at: [email protected]


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