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'The Complete Angel Wisdom Workshop' tells Natalia's story. After her 17-year marriage ended, she faced the challenge of being alone at 40, a single mother and at a crossroads in her career. Discover how connecting with her guardian angels helped her rebuild her life and find true meaning and purpose. Natalia shares her experiences about how she learned to connect with her guardian angels, to come to terms with her past and achieve inner wisdom. Natalia takes you through exercises, meditations and shares all that she was learned about the angelic realm. She also gives guidance and extensive information about how to read any deck of angel cards to tap into divine wisdom for yourself and other people. 'The Complete Angel Wisdom Workshop' book takes you on a journey to heal the past, connect with your guardian angels and manifest the life you have always wanted to live.
The book comes with a beautiful affirmation card for you to use as a book mark and to remind you of this important message.


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