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The Oracle of Wisdom & Beauty Card Deck & Guidebook - Was £29


Well...this moment has finally come. I am producing my own oracle card deck. It’s actually happening!
The deck is now ready to be shipped and I'm so excited! I’d like to invite you to become the proud owner of one of the first decks of my oracle cards. There are 44 full-colour cards in the deck. They are classic tarot/oracle/angel card size, so nice and big to see the messages, easy enough to handle and shuffle. Each card image recreated from my hand painted originals and has a special meaning. You can shuffle the cards and pull one for yourself every day for a beautiful, uplifting message. You can also create some lovely spreads that give you guidance about your life and your purpose. II’ll also be sharing lots of of great tips about how to use the deck to help you answer important questions and to tap into angelic wisdom every day. Plus: the deck also comes with a 172-page, full size guidebook. It is packed with information about card spreads, the meaning for each card, how it relates to the chakras, crystals and some powerful affirmations too.
Thank you so much for your support. I cannot wait to share my new cards and guidebook with you!


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