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How to Read Angel & Tarot Cards - A Complete Guide to Developing Strong Angelic Connections


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I am amazed at just how much my life has been transformed since I developed a strong connection with my guardian angel and the angelic realm. I witness miracles every day and with each intuitive reading that I have the pleasure and the honour of doing, I marvel at how divinely guided we all are. There is abundant and limitless help available to us from angels and spirit guides. yet many of us barely know they are there or how to connect with them.

In this powerful online masterclass, I'll take you step-by-step through the process that I followed to enable me to open up to angelic wisdom and abundance. You can harness this intuitive power to help yourself with day-to-day issues and also to make bigger decisions about your life path, for your highest good. You'll be able to give guidance to other people in so many different ways as you open up and access your divine wisdom.

Here's how you'll develop the connection with your angels throughout this wonderful programme:

- Protecting yourself and strengthening your aura
- Mini meditations
- Angel prayers and rituals
- How to read angel cards
- How to interpret the major arcana
- How to interpret the minor arcana numbers & elements
- Angel card spreads to answer questions
- Using angel cards to make decisions
- How the major arcana cards & archangels can help to strengthen
& guide us
- Getting intuitive answers
- Using a pendulum for angelic guidance
- Using angel symbols for guidance
- The lunar cycles, their meanings & harnessing their power
- How to interpret angel numbers

You'll be able to access your learning through a series of videos and written materials, all delivered direct to your email inbox in PDF document that contains links to all of the videos. REDUCED FROM £79 to £20.


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