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The Angels & Chakras Book & Card Deck - Was £35.99


Welcome to the first title in a series of four books, from my Book Club with a difference! *Your book pack will be shipped by the 2nd February 2022.

Each and every one of my titles is a book that you will want to pick up and read, again and again. The first book in this series is:
'The Little Book of Angels & Chakras'
This is a very special book because it contains so many pearls of wisdom, so much research and information and lots of thought-provoking activities and ideas you can put into practice in your everyday life immediately. The book also contains links to 11 guided meditations worth over £33. You can listen to the meditation instantly by capturing the QR code with your camera phone or typing the URL into a search engine, or you can download and save your own copy of each meditation, so that they become yours.

The second beautiful and very valuable part of this Book Club Pack is a deck of 44 cards, designed and created by Natalia to work alongside the content of the Angels & Chakras book. Each chapter of the book relates to the a set of cards within the deck and helps bring them to life.

The card deck is also perfect for using to do readings for daily, weekly or monthly messages. Each card contains a message of wisdom and journal prompts to help you think more deeply about your life. It helps you explore all the ways you can connect with your angels, release blocks, align with your purpose and create the life you were born to live.

This book and card deck is written and created with complete love and devotion by Natalia and is unique in every way!


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