About Natalia

Hello and a very warm welcome to you!

I'm Natalia Colman and I love Angels and anything to do with the Angelic Realm.

I first began to become conscious of the connection to my Angels when I was going through my divorce 13 years ago. The recession was hitting my business very badly and I found myself alone, living in a new town, with no money and my young daughter to take care of. It was during these dark times that I found myself asking for help and turning to my Angels during the night when I couldn't sleep. The answers that I was searching for came to me in different ways and many small and quite incredible miracles would happen. Opening up to my intution and building this connection and with the Angels has helped me to change my life completely. I have always been very spiritual and I've spent over twenty years learning about divination, astrology, meditation and all things holistic. Now I write about my experiences through my books and share whatever I've learned to assist anyone who wishes to build strong angelic connections.

So this is my story and I'm so glad that my challenging experiences have helped so many other people with on their journey and I hope that I can help you too.

My books, card decks, readings, meditations and workshops are all designed to help guide and comfort you as you travel along your life path.

Thank you for visiting and it's a pleasure to connect with you here.

Lots of love and angel blessings,