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The Little Book of Love & Light *Order Your Signed Copy*


The Little Book of Love & Light is a little book with a big message about positivity and mindfulness.

Natalia created this book to inspire, motivate and empower others to embrace happiness in the same way she has.

Here's what Natalia has to say about the intention behind her new book:

"For many years, my life wasn’t always so great. I definitely did not love or approve of myself. I had an unfulfilling career, I was a divorced single mother and I went through a series of disasterous relationships. I spent a lot of time feeling lonely and isolated and thought everything was happening to me; as though I was being punished for not being good enough. It was only when I stopped searching outside of myself to make my life better, that I discovered true happiness and inner peace. I found that the secret to leading a life filled with love and light is to be mindful of and grateful for what I already have. To accept and love myself and the life I’m living. When I did those things and focused on my personal happiness, something magical happened: I found the love and joy I’d been looking for all my life.

My intention with this little book is for it to be a gift to inspire you every day. Read it from cover to cover or just open it randomly, look at the words on that page, allow them to guide you and make you think. Turn to this book if you’re feeling down or don’t know what to do next, read it when you’re happy and want to lift yourself up even further. Share the quotes, writings and stories in this book to cheer up one of your friends up or send them some wisdom that might resonate. Most of all, keep this book close by and revisit it regularly, because life is a series of ups and downs and we all need some encouragement along the journey. "


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