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The Little Book & Little Deck of Spirit Animals - Was £27.99


I'm delighted to announce the second publication in the series of little books of loveliness by Natalia.
Spirit animals are wise souls who have experienced what it is to live an earthly life. Their wisdom can be a much-needed, practical guide to us at any time on our journey.
I have created this 214-page, full-colour book along with an enchanting deck of cards containing 44 of the most powerful animals, whose qualities and character can assist you, no matter where you find yourself in life. So much care, love, detail and attention has gone into creating these two very unique and beautiful publications.
**PLUS...when you order this powerful set, you'll also receive FOUR video tutorials worth £22 taking you step-by-step through the deck. I'll show you how to use it for different kinds of readings and other activities such as generating creative ideas and problem solving**
The book explains the magic and mystery behind the meaning of each spirit animal along with the energy centres and crystals that align with these animals.
The card deck has so many uses. You can place a particular animal card on your altar or sacred space to connect with the energy of this spirit animal. You can also shuffle the cards and draw a card whenever you need to call upon spirit animal wisdom. The deck can be used for in-depth, multi-card readings and gives so much clarity in monthly readings, life purpose and love readings too. The Spirit Animal book and card deck make a wonderful addition to your library of spiritual tools.
Connect with the powerful spirit animals, they will always be there for you.


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