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“Where do I go from here?” If you’re asking yourself this question then my beautiful video workshop is just what you need. It’s called ‘The Path to My Purpose’. I’ll be sharing 15 video tutorials, guiding you through the process of finding you way towards the things you were destined to do, connecting with the people who are meant to be on that pathway with you and the things you are destined to learn along the way. We’ll be exploring which words that will be your most powerful allies, what your passions are and how to get that fire lit within you and burning even more brightly in 2023 and beyond. I’ll be sharing guided meditations and advising you on the best crystals to be your companions. Does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? I hope you’ll join me, it will be intense but so rewarding!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Path to My Purpose is on instantly accessible Video Workshop. You'll receive a copy of the full workshop notes with links to the pre-recorded video tutorials, where I'll guide you through different processes to find your way to lighting that fire within you and keeping it burning brightly. You can learn at your own pace throughout this workshop and you'll have access to all the materials, videos and guided meditations forever. So, you can return to this again and again in the future.


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