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The Abundant Heart - 30-Day Video Workshop


2023 is going to be the year where you will shine more brightly than ever before, I can just feel it - can't you?

My Abundant Heart Programme represents the next step on the journey to releasing that which no longer serves you, being open to cleansing your chakras and preparing to become a strong magnet for all of the blessings and good things that you deserve to draw into your life. If you'd like to go through the process of connecting to yourself at a soul level, if you love following short but very powerful activities and meditations, all at your own pace at a time to suit you, then this is the exact programme that you will enjoy and benefit from in so many incredible ways.

This is an on-demand video programme. When you invest in the Abundant Heart Workshop, you'll receive a PDF document containing the notes and links to each of the activities and guided meditations. There is 30 days worth of material, all very unique and specially created by me to help you open up to the abundance you deserve.

I'd like to explain exactly what we will be covering over the 30 days.
• The process begins with a cleansing and clearing of the Chakras - each one has its own powerful connection with your life purpose and how you can manifest abundance
• I'll be taking you through a forgiveness process where you will learn how to let go of past hurts completely and effortlessly
• When your 'cosmic basket' is well and truly cleared of clutter and ripe for receiving, we'll then begin to connect you with all of the blessings that you'd like to draw into your life and also show you ways of staying connected with your manifesting power.

I hope this sounds like a good plan. The reason for doing this process, in short, gentle bursts over 30 days is because 30 days creates a habit and aligns and supports you fully. You'll then be able to coast freely into the rest of 2020 cleansed, clear and strengthened in heart, body, mind and spirit.

*Please note that the workshop notes and links to all of the activities will arrive to your email inbox within 48 hours from placing your order. Please input your email address very carefully at the checkout page. Check your email spam or junk mail folders because occasionally my email containing the link to download your notes may land in there.
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