Moon Magic Power Pack


This downloadable pack arrives instantly to your email inbox and contains everything you need to harness the powerful energy of the moon as it progresses through its different phases. Make the very best of 2023 by becoming a magical manifestor using the lunar cycles. When we work with the moon's energies, we are in complete harmony and flow with the Universe and the rhythm of the cosmos. It's a beautiful process that promises greater empowerment and emotional fulfilment.

What does this amazing pack contain:
- 28 pages of information about the magical moon phases & how to work with them
- Eight printable Moon Magic Cards for divining answers & using as a prompt & aide memoire for the different lunar cycles
- 34 powerful journal prompt questions that will take you meaningfully through each lunar phase
- A step-by step process to follow to do a New Moon & Full Moon Ritual
- Details of the 10 key crystals that harmonise beautifully with the moon's energy
- A lunar cycles calendar for 2023
- Four beautiful guided meditations you can use at any stage of the moon's journey but particularly powerful for the New Moon & Full Moon phases
- Guidance and inspiration about creating a moon altar and how to make and use your own moon water
It's the gift that keeps on giving month after month, year after year!

You will receive your Moon Magic Power Pack as a PDF document direct to your email inbox. Please check the email details you enter very carefully at the checkout screen as this is where your pack will be sent.
Please also check all your email inboxes including the spam and junk mail folders as emails often land in there.
If you have any problems at all or you do not receive the email with your Moon Magic Pack, please email Natalia at [email protected]


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