Set of Three Guided Meditations with the Spring Angels


When you order this beautiful set of three guided meditations specially recorded by me, you'll receive a PDF document directly to your email inbox containing the direct links to listen to each meditation as often as you wish.
Here's what you'll receive:

1) A Guided Meditation to receive abundance & inspiration from Archangel Saraquael
A gentle but very inspiring guided meditation to help you connect with the fire energy of Archangel Saraquael, the angel of springtime and the star sign of Aires. He helps up to be inspired to begin and create new things within our lives. He also helps burn away our fears, so we'd can propel ourselves forward towards our dreams and goals

2) A Guided Meditation to Visit the Sacred Garden & Connect with Archangel Ashmodiel
A beautiful guided meditation to visit the sacred garden of Archangel Ashmodiel, to help manifest your wishes and to receive the patience to allow them to unfold

3) A Guided Meditation with the Abundance Angels
A soothing and comforting meditation with the Abundance Angels to heal and open your heart to your gifts and your true value. Allow the Abundance Angels to help you open your heart and infuse it with their green and aqua light. This one is my favourite meditation so far. I hope it brings you an outpouring of angelic abundance!


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