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Guided Meditation to Connect with Unicorn Energy - Making Dreams Come True


A brand new guided meditation by Natalia to help you to focus on your dreams and goals, to remove obstacles and limiting beliefs to create a free and clear path towards manifesting whatever you have been wishing for.
During this 20-minute very soothing meditation, Natalia will gently guide you through the process of relaxing, trusting in your dreams and connecting with the beautiful pure of energy of the unicorns. Enabling you to be free to follow your path and to trust that you are always walking towards the light.
**Please note: When you order this meditation, you will receive an instant email with a link to access the meditation via YouTube. Within 48 hours of placing your order, you'll also receive a separate email containing a link to download and save the MP4 file for the meditation. Please check your email inbox after you've placed your order. Sometimes the email lands in your junk mail/spam folder, so if you haven't received the email, please double-check your other folders**


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