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Set of Three Powerful Guided Meditations to Connect with your Guardian Angel


When you order this set of guided meditations, you'll receive an email direct to your inbox with a link to access an instant download for the MP4 files for these beautiful meditations. You'll also receive a separate link to access them via YouTube so you can listen to them on a mobile device. Please check all your email inboxes because the document often lands in junk mail or spam folders.

Natalia takes you on a journey to connect with your Guardian Angel. In the first meditation you'll build the angelic connections and learn more about your angel. In the second meditation, you'll begin to understand what messages your angel has for you. In the third meditation, you'll continue to build a deeper connection and to uncover your divine life purpose and access your higher wisdom. The beauty of these meditation is that you can keep them and revisit them as often as you wish, enabling you to strengthen your angelic connections as time goes on.

Here's what people are saying about the Guardian Angel meditations:
"I could not believe how calm and centred I felt after doing just one of these meditations."
"I feel the relationship building between me and my Guardian Angel much more strongly. I now have their name and I understand how I can link in with them throughout the day whenever I need support"
"Your voice is so soothing. I melts all my troubles away and I really feel that everything is okay whenever I listen to this recording"


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