A Guided Meditation with Archangel Raphael


Natalia guides you through a soothing and healing meditation to conenct with the strength and power of Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer and is known as the physician angel. He helps us to heal our mind, body and spirit. The light Raphael emits is sparkling emerald green.

He is a sweet, kind, loving and gentle angel and is known for having a wonderful sense of humour! His other responsibilities include helping travellers stay safe on their journeys and also assisting us on our spiritual journey, giving guidance and helping us see the truth. Raphael can help us heal from physical, emotional and mental pain; he also helps us heal from past lives. Raphael can help us unite with things we have lost and with people, including our soul mate.

Call upon Archangel Raphael during meditation to help you:
• To help relieve physical, emotional or mental pain.
• To help heal you from any physical ailments.
• To protect you during travel.
• If you are studying as a practitioner or practicing in any
medical field.
• To help guide you along your spiritual journey.
• To help you connect with your soul mate in this lifetime.

This beautiful meditation is written and spoken by Natalia with accompanying music composed and played by her daughter Estella.

When you buy this meditation you will receive an email to access a link to download the MP3 file and also a private link to view the video on Youtube.

You can listen to this meditation again and again to receive the powerful protection and clearing and cleansing energy of Archangel Raphael.


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