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How to Create Your Own Oracle Cards & Develop Powerful Intuition - Video Workshops *Was £66*


Would you love to develop your psychic and intutive skills? Have you always wanted to create your own oracle card deck? Well now you can! My two on-demand video workshops are packed with guidance about how to delve deep within you to enhance your psychic powers and to start making your own intutitively channelled oracle card deck.
A fabulous 12-day workshop that can be completed totally at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. You'll receive a complete notes document direct to your email inbox, containing a link to each daily video activity. Natalia will take you through exercises to help you open up to that powerful intution inside of you. You'll learn about different methods of connecting with your angels and your highest self, divination techniques such as:
- angel/oracle card reading
- how to use astro dice
- working with a pendulum to divine answers & angelic wisdom
- automatic writing
- tea leaf reading
- exploring the eight 'clair senses' to determine which come most naturally to you & how to develop the others more strongly
This workhop is packed to the brim with information, processes and gentle guidaance from Natalia to help you become a wonderful channel to access the inner and otherworldly realms of truth and knowledge.

Have you ever wanted to create your own, personal deck of oracle cards? This 12-day programme takes you through a beautiful and very powerful process. Natalia will guide you step-by-step, helping you to come up with colours, words and ideas. She'll demonstrate, through a series of videos, how to use paint techniques to adorn your own cards and bring them to life. You'll work through the process of creating imagery and meaning, words, colours, numbers and symbolism. You'll even put together your own personal guidebook with prompts about the deeper meaning behind each card you create, the Archangel that aligns with it, the chakra energy centre, numerology, astrology and crystal significance. At the end of the programme, Natalia will also take you through some ideas about how you may wish to use your cards for different layouts, spreads and rituals. This is such an exciting and rewarding programme and it truly is one of a kind. You will gain so much inner power and wisdom from doing this. It is a programme that has the potential to quite literally change your life!
*Please note: Both programme will be delivered direct to your email inbox as a PDF document. This contains all of the programme notes with links to access all of the videos. You can revisit the programme as often as you wish. There is no expiry date and it is yours forever.


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