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I have a brand new workshop programme that I've been creating and I'm now ready to share with you.

Before I explain what it's all about, I have some important questions for you. So, take a few moments to answer these for yourself:

* Would you love to connect with your angels & receive their love, wisdom & guidance in your life every day?

* Do you wish you could develop a deep connection with your Guardian Angel?

* Would you love to tap into powerful angelic energy to assist you with your life purpose, your romantic life, your finances, your health & overall wellbeing?

* Would you like to learn to interpret your angels' special language & the ways that they are communicating with you right now?

* Would you love to learn how to read any deck of angel or oracle cards & fluently interpret the messages for yourself & others?

* Do you love everything about angels?

* Would you like to surround yourself with angel energy no matter where you are?

If you've answered 'Yes!" to even just one of these questions then I can assure you that you are going to absolultely love my new programme: 'Angelic Abundance - 44 Days to Build Powerful Connections with Your Angels.

As the title explains, this is a workshop that runs for 44 days and starts immediately as soon as you open the workshop notes when they arrive in your email inbox.

You can fit this workshop in around your daily life and work through it at your own pace.

What is included in this workshop?
You'll receive so much goodness as part of this workshop, including:
- An 'Angelic Connections Questionnaire' so you can guage exactly where you are on your personal angelic journey & how you you can build upon this
- Practical exercises & activities to help you build a strong, deep & lasting connection with your Guardian Angel, including learning their name, learning their 'angelic language' & the important ways in which they communicate with you
- Beautiful angel meditations to help you open up to angelic vibrations, messages, love & healing
- You'll learn which Archangel is aligning with you & right now & why, as you fulfill this important part of your life mission
- Printables so you can create your own: angel lists, angel currency, angel cards, angel affirmations, daily messages, angel journal, angel prayer cards
- Ideas for creating your own angel altars & sacred spaces
- Angel & oracle card spreads & so much wisdom about how to interpret your angel & oracle card readings
- The opportunity to open the door to peace, love, calm, serenity & angelic abundance!

No matter what stage you are on the journey of working with your angels, this is the best gift that you could ever give to yourself. For less than the cost of take-out cup of coffee or bottled water, each day you will be given the tools to develop powerful connections with your angels that will last a lifetime.

If you are ready to deepen the connection to your angels and you are ready to invest the time and energy into changing your life in the most positive and high-vibrational of ways, then this is the perfect workshop for you.

I'd love to have you join me on this fabulous journey, so I invite you to step aboard and experience nothing but love.

- All the activities and video tutorials will be pre-recorded and the links to the videos will be sent to you in a PDF document straight to your email inbox. They will also be shared within a Private Facebook Group.
- You can revisit any of the activities, video tutorials and meditations as often as you wish in the future. This is the programme that just keeps on giving.
- You'll receive a full set of notes for the 44-day programme containing all of the workshop video links. meditations and printables. So, everything will be all in one place for you should you wish to re-do any part of the workshop.
- You'll need to set aside at least 15 - 20 minutes each day for the activites. However, as with anything, the more time you invest, the greater the rewards.
- Please check all your email inboxes including spam and junk mail as my emails often end up in there.


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