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Lithomancy: Learn the Art of Giving Powerful Crystal Readings


In this fun and very informative two-hour live workshop I'll be showing you four fabulous ways to read crystals. Crystals are Mother Nature's treasure and as well as being beautiful to look at, they also have lots of interesting messages to share with us. Lithmancy is the ancient art of reading stones. I have created a very special PDF document for you to download and learn all about four powerful ways to use crystals to divine information and seek answers to those important life questions. If you already read cards and do other intuitive work, then you're going to love how crystal reading can enhance how you work. If you're new to doing readings, then my workshop notes and replay video will be a wonderful way to get you started and to help you develop your intution. Who knows where this will lead you!

When I order this product what will I receive?
You will receive a PDF document directly to your email inbox (please check all your mail folders including junk mail and spam). This document contains full written notes about four different ways to read crystals. There is also a link to watch a replay video of a live video tutorial I ran earlier in the year. You can watch this as often as you wish to learn along with me as I share the different techniques.

What crystals will I need to do crystal readings?
- A selection of small tumbled crystals (around 15 - 20 crystals)
- A pouch, bag or bowl to hold your crystals
- A notebook & pen
- A soft cloth or scarf to protect your crystals against the hard work surface
- Your favourite oracle, angel or tarot card deck

If you don't have any crystals, you can still enjoy learning all about this in the very comprehensive notes and by watching the video workshop. This is help you to discover which crystals will be suitable to add to your collection. Then watch the workshop again when you've assembed the crystals you'd like to use.


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