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What's Coming Up? The Five-Year Soul Plan Reading

  • What's Coming Up? The Five-Year Soul Plan Reading

This brand new reading is a wonderful way to help you connect with your angels and your purpose over the next five years. I'll be recording a reading specially for you and using a range of beautiful oracle and angel cards and crystals to help you navitage your way through the next five years, year by year. We'll be exploring purpose, career, money, love, home and family. It's a really lovely reading, filled with hope and angelic guidance. It will be a reading that you can come back to time and time again over the next few years to recap on the advice and to help you stay connected to your highest path.
This is a 50-minute audio reading and is recorded remotely and sent to you via email (please ensure your type your email address very carefully at the checkout screen.) You can select the date you'd like to receive your reading from the drop-down menu.