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*The Brand New Oracle Board & Wheel of Abundance by Natalia*


I'm over the moon to be launching this brand new product that I have wanted to bring to you for so long. It is finally here and I know you are going to love it!
The board folds open to reveal the a seven-card oracle spread on one side and The Wheel of Abundance on the other. So, you have two very powerful divination tools available to use any time you wish.
The oracle board is a way of laying out oracle, angel of tarot cards in a formation that gives you lots of deep and insightful messages. Whether you're new to card reading or you've become an expert, this board will enhance your practice and deepen your wisdom and reading skills.
The board comes complete with a 48-page glossy booklet. This is a guide containing full instructions about how to use the board in many different ways. I have created 16 unique card layouts covering every theme: from love and romance, to money and finances; health and energy to career and life purpose; angel guidance to problem solving. The guide walks you through the meaning of each card spread. It's a beautiful companion to the Oracle Board and will give you so much support and guidance whenever you need it.
When you flip the board over, you'll find The Wheel of Abundance on the other side. This is a circle containing eight different segments or areas of your life. You can use the Wheel of Abundance for charm casting; taking charms and throwing them across to the board to see which areas of your life need most attention. You can use the Wheel as a divination tool for angelic wisdom and guidance or you can use it track your life, assess where it may be out of balance and for goal setting and vision journaling.
This board has so many uses and I hope you will enjoy using it as a way of navigating your life path and gaining valuable angelic support and wisdom.
When you order the special, LIMITED EDITION gift set you will receive:
- The Oracle Board & Wheel of Abundance
- The fabulous 48-page guide
- Links to FOUR instructional videos where I'll show you in depth how to use the board in different ways
PLUS...you'll also receive a special double-sided colour meanings card worth £5 and four Wheel of Abundance blank cards to work with and record your charm castings or thoughts about the different areas of your life.

Important information:
The board is A3 size (it measures 420mm x 297mm) and folds along the centre so that it can be easily tucked away in a drawer.
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