Complete 12-Month Angel Reading


Every year we pledge to make this one better than the last. So how will you do that? My in-depth angel reading looks at the key themes that are important for you personally over the next full twelve months. What is your potential and what are your priorities over the coming year? I'll look at any patterns and limitations standing in your way and tap into angelic guidance to help you navigate your way through and overcome these. I'll also look into any specific question you may have about a particular aspect of your life and what the next 12 month cycle is bringing for you.
So how does this reading work? Well, I'll use a variety of different angel and oracle cards to give you intuitive guidance. I'll also take a look at past patterns and blocks and give you guidance about the reasons why they happened and be important soul lessons they taught you. I’ll also explore each individual month so you can refer back to your recording and see what’s coming up.
This reading is a 75-minute recorded reading. You'll receive an email containing a link so you you can listen to your reading and also a link to download the MP4 file so you can save this on your PC or mobile device.
You'll receive your reading within 10 working days from purchase - please bear with me as these readings take a little longer to schedule and record.


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