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I am delighted to be able to bring you The Mystical Book of Wisdom in an E-Book format. When you order this you’ll receive the Mystical Book of Wisdom in a PDF format that looks exactly like the paper copy version. You’ll also receive a link to view the E-Book as a flip book where you can turn the pages and they make a lovely rustling sound just like paper.

You can download and save the PDF to any device and look at it again and again and consult this beautiful oracle book for messages of wisdom and guidance every day. The flip book can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop too, so it’s a great way of taking The Mystical Book of Wisdom with you wherever you go!

This oracle book came about because I love to write and whilst I do, the faithful companion, always beside me as I commit my thoughts to paper or keyboard, is Mittens, my black and white cat. She is such a wise and inspiring lady and I thought that it was high time I shared some of her deep wisdom with you. So, Mittens and I have collaborated on this project and it's been a very empowering experience. I've observed, over the last 12 years that she's been with me, all of the ways she lives her life to the fullest and embraces her joy. She knows when to play and when to rest. She has finely tuned instincts and she follows them keenly. She is very loving, yet she has boundaries. She is sweet and soft and she's also very strong and fearless. She knows when to stay and fight and when it's time to flee. I felt that attention should be paid to this wisdom. That’s why I've created 'The Mystical Book of Wisdom: Powerful guidance and everyday answers from Mittens the Cosmic Cat’.

Just like Mittens has been my sweet companion through life, I hope that this book will become yours. It's an oracle book containing 100 different themes that connect with Mittens and her day-to-day world. Open the book randomly on a page to gain some wisdom, as though Mittens was speaking directly to you. Read a page each day for some beautiful inspiration, or choose a number between 1 and 100, then go directly to that numbered message.

Whenever you've got an urgent question or a pressing need for guidance, focus intently on your question or thought, flip the pages of this book and stop at the page you’re intuitively guided to. Read the words and hear the message that is meant just for you.

This book contains 100 beautiful messages, along with an inspirational and thought-provoking quote for each one.

I hope you'll enjoy owning and using this oracle book as much as I've enjoyed creating it with Mittens as my guide.


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