Brand New Eclipses Angel Reading - First Eclipses of 2024

  • Brand New Eclipses Angel Reading - First Eclipses of 2024

The first Eclipse season of 2024 comes around again with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on 25th March. This Lunar Eclipse can bring uncertainty, change and the need to let go of something that has come to a conclusion in your life. These endings can also bring fresh starts because eclipses are turning points. With the eclipses, something ends and something begins. You can experience sudden announcements or news of something of great importance or significance, and deep feelings can come up to the surface for you to deal with. No matter what happens, it's all about the Universe being wise and loving enough to move you forward and to get you where you need to be, to fulfil your divine purpose. new doors can open, new people can come into our lives and new opportunities can present themselves. The next eclipse follows soon after at the New Moon in Aries on 8th April. Now is a good time to mindfully think about what your life is about and where you are heading. It is the optimum time to look at patterns or where we feel happy or less content, and the power brought about by an eclipse is a time when shifting energy can then encourage the push we need to reassess and arrange our lives. These eclipses are linked, like beads on a necklace. Start now before the eclipse energy begins to heighten and you have a greater opportunity to understand these intensely energetic times. I have created this special Eclipse Reading to help you navigate your way through the eclipses. I'll give you angelic guidance about what's coming up for you personally, what important lessons are being revealed to you and how the weeks surrounding the eclipses will impact you. It's a reading I've been offering for the last three years and it's hugely popular and incredibly insightful.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a 25-minute recorded reading. Please select the date I will record your reading from the drop-down menu below. All readings are done remotely and recorded for you personally as a voice recording. You can listen to your recording as often as you wish in the future. I will email you with a private link when your recording is ready.
All my readings are priced in British Pounds (£) so you will be charged in £s and not in your own currency. You may wish to do a currency conversion before placing your order to ensure you know how much you will be paying in your own currency.


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