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"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" Steve Jobs
In 2023 you can change your life. All you have to do is to believe you can and then to show up in your own life and do just that. You don't have to make big changes. It's the baby-steps taken on a daily basis that sneak right up on all of those old patterns of yours and unleash all of that amazing potential you have to be the very best version of yourself. Do you want to enjoy better health in 2022 and beyond? Well, if you do then this programme can certainly help you to start making those small changes that will lead you to creating a healthier life. This programme is NOT just about becoming healthier in your body, it's also about those two other vitally important aspects of yourself: Your Mind and Your Spirit. During this 14-day video workhop, I will take you through thought-provoking and very powerful activities to help you to become healthier in every area of your life. We'll also be working with the big man Archangel Raphael: The physician angel.
So what I need to ask you now is this:
Do you want to enjoy having a healthier body?
Healthier relationships with the people around you?
A healthier living and work environment?
A healthier relationship with money?
And most of all a healthier relationship with yourself?
If you've answered a big, resounding "YES" to any of those questions, then this programme is most definitely right for you!
What does this programme consist of?
If you've completed any of my other programmes, then you'll know that the programme will arrive direct to your email inbox as a PDF document with written notes containing links to a range of video activites and beautiful guided meditations. All of this is created with love and care exclusively by me: Natalia (Angel Lady). I guarantee that this will give you comfort, hope and most of all the space and time to work on yourself. You only need to spend between 20 to 45 minutes each day for 14 days. What better investment can you make for your mind, body and spirit as you begin this beautiful New Year? The great thing is, you can keep this programme FOREVER and go through it again and again as often as you wish in the future. You'll be wiser each time you do it and you'll gain more from doing it each time. So this is definitely the gift to yourself that just keeps on giving.
This is an Early Bird offer, so when you place your order, the programme will arrive with you via email. Please be careful when typing your email address into the order box when you place your order, as this is the email we'll be sending all the information to. Please also check your junk mail/spam mail folders as occasionally emails may land in there.
The programme arrives as a PDF document that you will need to download and save. Within the workshop notes you'll find the links to open the video acitvities and guided meditations. These will be available to you for many years to come, so you can do the programme again and again in the future.


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