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Magnificent Meditations - A Collection of 18 Beautiful Guided Meditations by Natalia


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I have put all of my favourite meditations into one magical bundle called:
Magnificent Meditations - Helping you connect with your angels, release stress, encourage healing & manifest abundance.

There are four different meditation themes:
- Meditating with your Guardian Angel
- Meditations for healing
- Crystal power meditations
- Meditations for manifesting abundance

I guide you gently through your chosen meditation and each one with accompanied by serene and soothing music, with lots of angelic vibes. Each meditation varies in length and lasts on average 15 minutes.

When you order your Magnificent Meditations, you'll receive a PDF document straight to your email inbox to download and save to any device you wish. Simply browse through the document and select the meditation you wish to listen to. Sit back, relax and enjoy some very important 'me time'. You can access these meditations for life, so I hope you return again and again to listen and experience the bliss of allowing yourself to unwind.

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