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A Set of Six Guided Meditations with the Powerful Archangels of Abundance


A set of six wonderful guided meditations spoken by Natalia, to help you connect with the powerful Archangels of Abundance:
1. Archangel Haniel - A beautiful and very gentle and soothing guided meditation to help you connect with healing energy of Archangel Haniel. This is the perfect meditation to help you heal from emotional loss and loneliness, and to attract love into your life.
2. Archangel Ithuriel - to help you connect with the beautiful Archangel Ithuriel to open, cleanse and clear your powerful sacral chakra. This is the energy centre and the powerful Archangel who can help you to uncover your divine creativity and to step into your creative power.
3. Archangel Mumiah - receive gentle healing with Archangel Mumiah. This is a wonderful meditation if you'd like to feel lighter and to relieve worry and stress. This meditation also helps to cleanse any blocks within your body & mind.
4. Archangel Seraphiel - This meditation helps to connect with the fire energy of Seraphiel to burn away any blocks or harmful energy and help you step into and embrace your divine power.
5. Archangel Zadkiel - the guardian of the abundant planet Jupiter. This meditaiton with Archangel Zadkiel can help you to recognise opportunities and have the courage and resourcefulness to act upon these and to maximise them. He also brings you the patience to allow divine timing to weave its magic in your life.
6. Archangel Rachmiel - This meditation is ideal to help you uncover and dissolve any blocks that may be creating a resistance to love. This meditation helps you to become more aware of how loveable you are and to be more open to accepting love into your life.
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