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Manifest Your Wishes & Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True


I'm so excited to share my video workshop programme! It's called 'Manifest your Wishes & Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True'. It's something very close to my heart because I've been a manifester of wishes all my life. The first ones I can remember go back to when I was 10 years old and I won a treasure hunt competition and a £30 prize (which was ALOT of money 40 years ago!) I've manifested job promotions, business class flights, getting to work all over the world, prizes, a publishing deal, a new home and even love. I might be making myself sound so amazing right now, but occasionally I find myself losing the magical spark of positivity and my miracle manifesting skills. I get pessimistic and downbeat, until I remind myself that I can do this. I've done it many times before and I can do it again! I wrote down all my rituals, meditations and little tricks and I've put together this 10-day video workshop. I'll be sharing with you all the ways in which I've worked with the Universe and my angels to manifest my dreams and wishes. Always with the intention that whatever happens, it's for my highest good. These things work - I'm living proof of that. This workshop will be available for you to download in its entirity. If you've never done one of my video workshop programmes then you're in for a treat. When you order this workshop, you'll receive an email containing a link to download the workshop notes document, containing all of the links to the daily videos (there are 10 of these) along with links to guided meditations to help you connect with your inner manifesting power and the angels that can help you make miracles happen. In each of the 10 videos, I'll take you step-by-step through some processes, rituals and other tips and tricks to turn you into a wish warrior and a dream manifester. Each activity will take you no longer than 20 minutes to do. You can follow the programme over 10 days or 'binge watch' it and work on it all at once, the choice is yours. The best part is you get to revisit the programme as often as you wish to sharpen your manifesting skills and to remind yourself to keep practicing them.


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