Your Divine Purpose - What is your Higher Calling?


It is my pleasure to bring you a brand new reading: 'Your Divine Purpose - What is your Higher Calling?'
In this beautiful 30-minute recorded reading, I'll connect with your angels and your highest self to share wisdom about your higher calling. Have you ever asked:
"What is next for me on my life path?"
"What does my soul want for me?"
"What is the next part of my purpose?"
If you have, then this is the perfect reading for you. I'll be exploring your choices, spiritual gifts and talents and how they are unfolding as the next part of your life path and leading to the fulfilment of your purpose.
No matter what comes through in this reading I can assure you that it will be filled with love, compassion and wisdom from your angels and the part of you that knows why you are here.
I'm so so excited to read for you.

Please Note:
This reading is a voice recording and you will not see images of the cards. It is the perfect opportunity for you to really tune in and listen to the messages without visual distractions.
Select the date you would like to receive your reading recording from the drop-down menu. You'll receive your recording link via email on this day. I work until 10pm in the evening (UK time) so please be patient. Please input your email address very carefully at the checkout screen. Also check your spam and junk email folders as my emails can often land in there.
If you have not received your reading link within 24 hours of the agreed date please get in touch with me at:


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