Abundance Goddess


I’m so happy to announce that these little Golden Abundance Goddesses are now back in stock in my online shop.

Each of these beautiful Goddesses is handmade by me from terracotta clay. They are fired to earthenware and a golden shimmer is applied to the body. I then wire wrap the beautiful lapis lazuli crystal that she is holding above her head. The intention for these Goddesses is for them to bring love, happines, health and vitality in abundance to their owner. They feel so lovely to hold and they make a wonderful addition to an altar space or when held during meditation and manifesting work.

The Lapis Lazuli Goddess:
It is considered to be a stone with potent protective energies. It's the exact cobalt blue colour that Archangel Michael. Lapis is also a manifestation stone because it can help you make your dreams a reality. It is said to help us to connect with our highest self and to give us clarity with our critical thinking. It's the perfect crystal to keep near you if you are writing or doing any study or important thinking or speaking. It's a very handy stone for intellectual analysis, problem solving, and generating new ideas.
It will help you gain the knowledge that you need to look at different situations clearly and objectively so that you will come to the best decision. It will also enhance your intellectual abilities, activate your higher mind, and sharpen your memory.
Lapis lazuli is also what you need if you wish to experience spiritual growth. Just holding the Goddess with her lapis lazuli stone in your hands can help you reach a meditative state that will give your life peace and serenity

Please Note: Each of these little Golden Goddess figures is completely unique. No two are the same as they are made by hand from terracotta clay by me. They may have little marks or imperfections since this is the nature of kiln-fired, hand crafted pieces. I poured all my love and positive intentions into each one as I shaped her.
Each Goddess measures approximately 10cm x 3.5cm.
Each lapis lazuli gemstone measures approximately 20mm.


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