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Crystal Power Video Workshop - A Fabulous 15-Day Video Workshop


Do you love crystals? Do you find them fascinating? Would you like to know more about the crystals you already own? Would you like to build a collection of pieces that are just right for you and the life you’d like to create for yourself? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!” then you’re going to absolutely love my brand new 15-day video workshop where we’ll explore the wonderful world of crystals.
Crystals originate from some of the deepest places in the earth and have a wealth of history and energy all of their own. They are also stunning to look at, hold and work with. During these blissful 15 days, I’ll be taking you on a journey to discover why crystals are so powerful, how to cleanse them, activate them and charge them with your intentions and how to use them to create sacred spaces around your home. We’ll be creating grids, altars and I’ll be sharing lots of ideas about how to use crystals for important cycles throughout the year including the New and Full Moons, Eclipses, birthdays, celebrations and powerful cosmic events such as the solstice, equinox and the Lion’s Gate Portal.
This video workshop programme is ready to watch immediately. You'll receive an email containing a full set of workshop notes and video links to keep and read/watch as often as you wish in the future. Crystals are a precious gift from
Mother Earth that keeps on giving. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me, exploring all of the ways that crystals can bring so much joy and power into your life.
Workshop content:
- Crystal power
- Crystals for protection
- Crystals for health & wellbeing
- Crystals for love
- Crystals for life purpose & passion
- Crystals for wealth & abundance
- Cleansing & activating crystals
- How to display your crystals & create crystal grids
- How to create sacred spaces & altars
- Working with crystals during important cosmic cycles
- Crystals & altars for each of the 12 New Moon & Full Moon cycles


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