Savings Challenge Pack - Four Fun and Fabublous Challenges

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  • Savings Challenge Pack - Four Fun and Fabublous Challenges
  • Savings Challenge Pack - Four Fun and Fabublous Challenges

Would you like to save money but you find it hard to motivate yourself?
Do you want to find a way to start or continue saving that will inspire, excite you and give you a sense of purpose as you do it?
Would you like to set yourself a challenge to save money and have fun doing this your partner, your kids or your friends?

Well, if you've answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, you're going to love my set of four fun and fabulous Savings Challenges. I created these to help you save money for whatever is important to you and to have lots of fun in the process. These arrive straight to your email inbox and are yours to print out and keep. Plus, there's also a video tutorial to watch, where I'll take you through each challenge and give you ideas about how you may wish to use it.

In this pack you'll receive:
- Self-Care Challenge
- Fortune Cookie Challenge
- Fruity Friends Challenge
- Fairy Godmother Challenge

When you've completed a challenge, you can print the trackers or the game sheets out as often as you wish and start the challenge all over again.

It is proven that doing savings challenges like this that are fun and motivational, trigger the dopamine (the pleasure receptor in the brain) that helps us to feel rewarded, happy and excited. When your brain begins to associatesaving money with fun, pleasure and something highy rewarding, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain and new and very important habits. Saving for the things you need, the treats you want and the emergencies in life creates a strong financial foundation and will help you feel happier and more safe and secure. If you can have fun in the process then how much more perfect can that be?
In this pack, you'll receive a PDF containing four savings challenges, the game sheets and any instructions and trackers you will need to print out and get started right away. You'll also receive an evelope to print out for each challenge to save the cash in if you wish.
What if you don’t have a printer? No problem, you can order the printed version to be shipped to you (please not these will be printed in black and white). Simply select the option you'd prefer from the drop-down menu below. This option includes free shipping.


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