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Precious Divination Dice Set (was £25)

  • Precious Divination Dice Set (was £25)
  • Precious Divination Dice Set (was £25)
  • Precious Divination Dice Set (was £25)

This pair of dice are different to any you may have seen or used before. The first is carved from rose quartz crystal and has twelve faces, each with a number from 1 to 12. It is the most beautiful, delicate pink rose quartz and has been highly polished. The numbers are applied using a special printing process to give the best possible finish and are treated to make them almost as tough as the stones themselves. These are the finest quality and the most beautiful gemstone dice I have ever seen or been able to source. I use the rose quartz dice within every single angel reading that I do to predict timings and also to ask about star signs, birth dates and as a random number generator.
The second is a metal dice with a golden finished and six faces. Two faces have a '+' plus symbol, two faces have a '-' minus symbol and the other two are blank. This dice is perfect for getting an answer to a 'yes' or 'no' question. If the dice falls with the blank face upwards then you can either throw again or take the answer as 'maybe' or 'not right now'.
Each of these dice can be used in so many wonderful ways to answer questions or as part of an oracle or angel card reading. When you receive this dice set, you'll also receive a link to a video tutorial showing you how to use them most effectively to answer your burning questions.

Each dice measures approximately 15mm. The colour of the rose quartz may differ slightly to the image shown but you can rest assured that each dice is hand chosen and of the highest quality.