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The Circle of Abundance (Enjoy 50% off)


As an early bird you can enjoy 50% off (normal price is £40) when you join for six months.
Enjoy six fabulous months to grow your confidence with money. I'll be sharing lots of information, tips, support and encouragment. Each month you'll have exclusive access a range of trackers, budgeting tools and savings challenges to help you get into the best places you've ever been financially and to stay abundant. The best part about joining this group is being part of a community of like-minded people who want to share and support one another. 'There is power in numbers!' When you grow and learn alongside others, it helps you to stay on track, get lots of new ideas and have the encouragement you need to create the financial security you have been wishing for. Plus, when you know your numbers, when you get a handle on your income, budgets and savings, you grow in confience and the positive numbers in your bank account will grow alongside you.
If you want to be in the driving seat of your financial future....if you'd like to have the money to spend (guilt-free) on the things you'd like to enjoy right now...if you'd like to have a financial cushion for future expenses and emergencies..then this is the place to be and I cannot wait to welcome you and share the Circle of Abundance with you!

When you join the Circle of Abundance you'll gain immediate access to a password-protected Learning Portal where you can download any forms, trackers, information and videos. All the information each month will be uploaded there and you'll have access to this for as long as you are a member of the Circle (membership begins on the date you place your order and ends six months from that date. You will be given the option to renew your membership after six months if you wish. You'll also be invited to become part of a private Facebook Group for members only. This is a confidential place where you can engage with other members of the group and take part in live events and access all the updates. As soon as you place your order to become a member of the Circle, you'll receive all the welcome information and a link to join the Facebook Group.


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